Monday, May 30, 2011

I Was There

I was there when I realized
I had arrived
But It was too late!
I think the bus was gone before I had
even decided to leave
But if that is true then 
that’s unfair
Oh, that word is a ridiculous one, isn’t it?
Un fair means what? So I leave
Like tulips stop living after spring has noticed
And leaves leave trees after it has enjoyed its flourish

It’s like loving a woman, but nobody understands the beast
She is poison because when you drink too much of her
She kills you. She makes you warm and then she leaves
Like those leaves

And then men, when you love a man
He finally understands you a little then it gets too scary
So he runs under the bed and wishes he never came out of the womb
He hates not to be understood but for you to understand that- hell
(They need you to be a ghost?)
get them taken care of 
but then make sure you leave no trace behind, will you!?
It’s a puzzle. 

I was there when I realized
I have arrived
She is on top of that tree and he is under ground, right below.
But I think I have it all wrong.

I have changed (the map) because since the bus done leave
I won’t stand here being stood up.

SO with her poison and his will to stay confused
“Only one thing at a time woman!”
I had arrived here because I am still wishing to be
My self in this world… and you be a man in this maiden earth
I should care - so I do

And I write you on my books so that you notice me
A beast, a ghost and you misunderstood and puzzled by it. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Stroll With My Parts All Apart

I strolled with my head in my hand.
I fell with my heart in my arms
I stood with my chest on my back
So I live with my parts all apart

And people like that- don’t they?
Is it because I am unusual.
Unusually stomped
Breast-less lover
Beastly thoughtful
And unforgettably fucked up
That, that attracts you?

I stroll with my parts all apart because
I see you so perfectly placed and in tune
And I can’t bare looking like you in this deserted place
SO I walk this way and that way so you can see that I am-
I, I am a dream in this dreadful place
I am standing like a miracle
I am, standing and you look at me
As if there is something “unique”
But what you experience is you in me
But I am stubborn
Because I was alone when I came to earth
They took me away
And made me, me for a whole day
I was sent to this cubicle and my umbilical cord
Broke, in his hands, in her hands

So I stroll with my parts all apart
And give thanks (to the above)
That I am a gift to the world
Or at least I think, you think?

I stroll with all my dreams and I see them leave me
I fall with my heart in my arms, but I hold it tight
Not to suffocate it but to embrace it
And I stand here naked, clothed with embarrassment
That you haven’t noticed
All of me
Here standing with my parts all apart
You can’t stop until you feel the weight of my shoulders
Because that is why this place was created
To deliver me to me.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

When I love /// He is a Man

When I love
I love for nothing
I feel an intense feeling and then it turns
Into wingless birds
Filled with truth and boundless on earth
It says “come” this love
When I love
I let you hold me
When I Love
I love for nothing
Because there
this feeling is bountiful
And spiritful
When I love
I am a child and know nothing
But I feel helpless and then
I realize I love
So when you love
That is the lesson learned


My father is alone
With absolutely no head
He leads the pack to territories
Of danger… underground bombs?
The air there is…
If you breathe it you will feel a tightness in your chest
And you will probably die
My father is alone because
I left
Because I don’t understand why
Can’t you just SLOW DOWN!
I begin to under- stand the
Reason but I have to admit
I don’t like it
My father is not alone because I left
He’s alone because he’s misunderstood-
He is a man.