Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dysfunctional Trivia

Sometimes I see my dysfunctions
and sometimes some see it before
I see my chance to face it or name it or own it
So it catches me by surprise, rarely,  granted
I have myself on a panel
Where there's a judge, Me
Where there's a lawyer, Me
Where there's a jury, Me
Where there's the paper, Me
my neighbor, Me

I see my dysfunctions as possible threats
when I have my back to them
I feel the cuts, like paper cuts
painful with lemon in hand
hurtful with stinging force
and I have myself on the screen of all the TVs
and all the sitcoms, and dramas, and
even commercials...
I see.

I see my dysfunctions as tricks
a god-like trick to make me see
that work is due
and things need to change
I need to change
but I see new tops and new trousers
hanging on my bedside...
I just wake up too late to see
the tags hanging;
are they on the floor?
and I realize my dysfunctions are
something I rather not see but then I think
by seeing them, I grow
sometimes mad
sometimes sad
sometimes scared
sometimes green
and only sometimes
I'm happy at first.

My dysfunctions function in some
place, some time
maybe not now but later
maybe tomorrow
maybe right now
dysfunction is a gift and a treasure
sin and pleasure
and a box of sand sitting in the middle of the desert
where water runs like a helping hand
and a pitch black night
The moon? Not here, not now

My dysfunction has its place
a place where function lies
a place where function's do
a place that's here right now
a place not near or hell
and I'm supposed to know...
but all I do know is:

My dysfunction is mine for the taking
and sometimes mine for the making.