Saturday, August 27, 2011

How Long Can This Last?

If I become an illusion
It would only be to you
Because you choose to be with me
Without me

You spend days and nights 
Without me
And I sit in my frozen chair 
with you in me
But how long can this last?
I am two times heartbroken 
and one time alive
how can I survive 
Without me 
and you do well 
Without me

How long can the fire last
under water
under pressure
under and after all
How long can your breath live
without me
inside of me

How long can this last? 
When I myself weep with the rain
and I myself scream with the wind
and I myself feel like a storm
How long can this last? 

And although I feel like "the game is on me"
I feel like I've won
(because) as tragic as this may seem
I live, heartbroken 
But I live

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Am Something Else

I am not a pilgrim 
My shoes have barely touched the ground
Barely have I learned to knit
My fingers stiff with thoughts
They are my weapons, for uselessness
For numbing, poor pilgrims
Worshipers of sort
Devoted to what?

What have they learned in their travels?
Pilgrim, wise- not
A name fitted for very little wonder
Wandering to be called pilgrims!

I am not a pilgrim, nor I thrive to be
Religion makes them kneel 
To excuse nature?
To supplicate for what Mother has given

I am not a pilgrim because I am 
Something else
And though I've barely learned a lesson
needless to say two
I have nature free in me
walking aligned
From  Within.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Am Not A Poet

I am not a poet because
my words come together
they make very little sense
most of the time
It's because I'm hurting
or because I'm lost
and want to find my way with words

I am not a poet because
I can with my fingers type
But when a true poet writes
he's found meaning
and words having their way
break through
splatters of thought
become the paper's words
and that is what a poet is

I am not a poet
Because I am little
A poet is bigger than life
And my life is worth a dime

I am not a poet
and I'm not ashamed to say it.
But if one day, (maybe soon)
I begin to feel otherwise
I will probably embrace it 
fall back on my natural wit
and say with my actor voice:
I am a poet.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Am Yours

I must forget my song
the one that says:
"How can I be yours?"
Now I am sitting in a crisis
I cry but the visiting tear stays upstairs
In the attic of my dreams
So I see someone else’s…
Someone else’s lamp
Lighting above the distance of You
You become my moon and I hope to become your-
All these thoughts revisiting all these wishes
So…must I, must I, must I!? 
I must forget-
My song continues to ride down that road alone
I must forget- this song

Right now though the darkness wins
One hundred percent here
Somewhere else at this very moment 
I win but not here
I feel like a loser
Because I have lost
That song that once was mine now
is lost. 
That song that still says:

"How can I be yours?"

I am yours but you're not mine
so I've lost. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Contemplating My Very Existence

It has a way of walking in
Love, sometimes blind
But never deaf
As it slithers swiftly through 
the very cracks
It feels right at times
And sometimes it feels just wrong
For me to be so onward!

Love, you have a face that only I recognize
When I myself love
When I myself live
The small ticking of my heart has a way
Of making music to yours
I feel more love in my love
Because I listen,
You lighting with your breath my candle
It does light up the orbit, the world
My very existence resonates

They see me, and see what goddess you turned me into
You with your very brush, take me
for who I am, never mistaking me for a flower
but always giving me water to live
Eagerly you help me contemplate my very existence
Love, you walk in to what love I have
And for that very reason... It lives!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The World In My Hands

The world is truly in my hands
I understand that I can hold it now
Because you make the blood inside
Of me scream
And I beam
And I myself scream

The world trembles in me too
When you too
Begin to scream with me
I then lean
I feel and think
I break when you break
You break because I can’t hold you
Like I hold the world
But you beam
And you scream too

The world is truly in my hands
I understand you 
the way I think
I can see
But I am blind to you
When you can see
Please see!
I beam, and you beam
And now we’re one.

Then the world is truly in my hands.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Butterfly come land inside of me
I have turned you into one
Inside of me.

Your colors are like I am to a man
Here and now
Inside me

Cover me,  but don't let me bleed
Because I am only human
A woman
Fill me up with lights
And drown me
But know that I am only human
Music is not here
Inside of me

Oh butterfly land inside me
and find me
Blind me
and let me not see
what you are outside me

Inside of me
I know you breathe better
Inside of me
I know you're meant to be
Inside of me
I do believe
That you inside of me