Saturday, June 30, 2012

Just Another Day

Oh well. She asked me to write her a poem
Maybe some say that's ... I don't know
I just find it rather sweet
Like when birds chirp in the morning
(In the country where there are no fumes
from unkept car engines)
and like brief sounds of leaves swinging in the air

She is an eternal birthday girl, oh yes she is!
Her with soft short hair
Her twenty one candles
flaring, firing the sky

At night when she sleeps
she wishes on lightness
she reaches her hands to the sky and
pleads: "Oh please, let there be sun in the sky for me
and breeze in my hair"
-She wants her hair to move her like water moves

So what she is too young to understand that
today is just another day... when you've passed the mark
today is another day
So what she gets her wish a few weeks late
Today is just another my love...
Just another day.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Whoever Said A Rock Can Sing?

When in doubt take a tagger and shoot it straight into its mouth 
And make music with the words that come from that

I have written stories that have stirred even a hard rock man 
into tears... like a river, he weeps and I 
sing, I sing because I hear the wind 
and it lulls me in- 

My throat is deep and shallow too
my words are empty crosses with 
stick like figures, tears
like rain water fill 
the buckets, filled like mother's breast
Milk from heaven 
My mouth is yet in pain- 

Wisdom is in yesterday's reports 
and he cries, cries in vain
in vain he cries
Do close up shop
Do pull the curtains down
The show is over

Whoever said a rock can sing
Whoever said that?