Friday, May 24, 2013

Nothing Gives

When you realize the danger 
of being in love with a ghost
A white smoky being
You fall through the black cracks
and you tumble till you can't stand anymore
And those damned crutches can't even hold me up
I wish I had even the slightest strength
to hold on, but nothing
nothing gives

I want to be able to rise or become
a glass statue possibly inside you
so that even if my body is moved
I wouldn't shatter because your organs would
protect me... and I will become a spy one day
with one eye on you and one eye on me
and I hope one day I get the courage to
leave you, and nothing
nothing gives

And so I live with shadow puppets
screaming in my head
And so I live with strings
Coming from my head
When I look up
I see you holding me up, I have become
a marionette, and made out of paper
A dangling decor that with the rain disappears
I see my time with you, a memory
so distant
because I can't lie
I can't be there, I'm made of nothing

I turn to so many things to have you love me
and I am writing about you, and nothing
nothing gives.