Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Dame Releases All Her Pain

The Dame releases all her pain
Pounding on to him
As for her, still unfulfilled 
and frustrated
Left on his doorstep
A care package for anyone ready to receive it
Still work ahead

The Dame releases all her pain
Prickly little things flooding her head 
with undesired thoughts
all this is still ahead
Dame can't see
How is one to get better 
Without the want to get better
Self inflicting pain

Leaving earth, oh that thought-
Dame numbed for a while till
Then comes her Knight and shining armor
And lifting his sword
Cuts himself and bleeds all over Dame
Releasing all her wants and needs
and all the choices come flooding down on her

Now Dame is ready to recover strength
keeping her busy: licking the wounds of Knight
The Dame has purpose now.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Question To My Lover (Nothing)

I am now a question to my lover
My lover knows nothing
If it is all
That’s all he knows

Does "nothing" mean he needs to know?
A thought, is thought but buried low
And so it’s hard for him to hear
I want to speak and yet I mute
I mute tonight, so he can’t hear…
Nothing’s said

I am now a question to my lover
Nothing is the word to birth a zero
And so nothing (white noise possibly)
Is all that’s uttered 
with lips so tight
A fighter, who am I
If my lover knows nothing

He waits to hear and so time passes
Yet I near to nothing, still
I lock my deed and beg him (hmm)
Practically unannounced, my words
Come tumbling and tumbling they land on zero
And nothing worded

I am now a question to myself
And what am I, what I desire to be had?
I am to say… without a word

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Between This Madness

It is a feeling between confusion and anger where these tears lie
It is more like what, than why 
I am confronted with
What is
I am in here- in my body
Yet I am not sure why
Why do I ask why in my answers
Or is it my quest or my journey to be
To live inside these…
So I walk or crawl
Sit or stand
In the midst of this
So I ask and cry for a release
And want to be held ever so close
Guarded from my own anger and fears
Guarded from my own perpetration
Relaxing somewhere deep in my imagination
Ever so briefly…
Ever so
Between this madness
These questions.