Thursday, July 19, 2012

Reasons To Live

When there are reasons to live
I know you will bring me the paper
And read it to me

I am six or four or maybe two feet below 
the gravel that you walk on…
You run so fast, so damned fast
But I don’t feel a thing
More reasons 
More and more lies

When there are reasons to live
I know you will again remind me
That these dark windows are
Really the eyes on me
Really the eyes that comfort me

I am six or four or maybe two scared to live
I am not six years old but I feel like a lost bug
Waiting for spanking… don’t fool yourself.
Don’t pretend to be my messenger when
Those days are gone… they choke me
They suffocate me

They take the life out of me
They are criminals
Dark clothed
And dark folding chairs in my consciousness
If you sit on them you will fall

Place the chair right below me

Monday, July 16, 2012

I Land In You

I am sitting here
Don’t want sit for long
But I do want to become like that naked tree
Wrestling within other sounds of nature
I don’t want to become that dark substance that
Suffocates the speech of silence-ness
(Words begin to make sense mainly
Because there is nothing but silence)

When do I become yours?
When can I walk into your mouth and
Climb down your throat and fall
Fall beyond reach
And get to a slippery part of you?
I die, I die because it’s like music
Music when you say nothing

But just remember me
Because when you drink that coffee
I’ll then get burned
So if you care, take care of me
I can take care of you

I land in you
Cushioned with your love
I land in you because your silence lulls me
And I feel like I have to go through
The better part of me to be with you

But I’m inside and sometimes I feel
Cold and yes sometimes I feel like I am yours
And sometimes I disappear
And that’s because I have become waste
Food that passes through you and I am
As you are here
Going through the changes meant for me
And then I am that tree
That tree that’s sitting…

I am sitting here.