Saturday, October 13, 2012

I love you Man

I surely miss you man
Like I miss the aroma of coffee
In the middle of an afternoon
And the woods too
And the strange smell coming from you
Has moved further from me
And I feel like I have to go
Like you left

And then I remember you
So beautifully set like a perfect
Dream. Waking up hurts sometimes.
It's not easy. It's not easy.
Not easy man

So when there is no trust
In time, the world feels sad
It feels sad sometimes
To even wonder about you
I hear your music, sweet melody
That sometimes in my waking moments
Lulls me to sleep, even standing here
Man, it's sad

I don't want to wake sometimes.
I want to sleep but it's not luxury
And I want luxury
The Past is sometimes weakening to the soul
I see that man
And it's sucks. It's like a vacuum
It sucks all the life out of me and maybe I would rather face the truth
The fact that I still love you should mean that it's ok to say goodbye man.

So in my prayer here i say
It's ok. You. It's ok
How unpoetic this story is
Something that started so epic
Has boiled down to a film
Without a Hollywood ending.

I love you man.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fresh Flowers

When I woke
To a pair of hands around my heart
Squeezed me it did
With a strong grip and
I knew that if I wanted to fall
Wanted to strip its arms from my
Heart, I'd have to want it badly enough

I woke with my eyes
Covered with mud I realized
That my thoughts had covered me
My thoughts
My damned thoughts have made
mud out of me again

And I woke up again
With my toes nailed to the wall
And I became flat
Like all the paint that had lived on my walls
My fucking walls were layered
With cat hair and dirt
Layered with yester years and today
My little friend has poured wine, red wine onto me
And I've become aware of how tragic it is
To lack love and luster
To lack a vision

I woke
Like in the midnight hours in a cemetery filled with fresh flowers
(Amidst thoughtful sorrows)
And I took the pin from my pocket
And I began making hearts on the tombstone and left the stars to the sky
And I knew that if I didn't want to lie
If I wanted to live
I had to try
I had to do what I was meant to do
Wake up!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Waiting For The Second Hand

When there lies
Like a moon I have a face
Smiling beyond the shadows of a wake
It's like a dark friend
With fangs, with broken dreams
Without A friend, I am

And when I see your wrinkles
Showing your life, it's like
A stream
I'm sad, to see you go
Because I've grown accustomed to your leaves
Accustomed to your pillow
As you lie too, like me
With broken things

You suffocate me with the past
You took my dreams and made a quilt in which you've burned
And now you want to take it and cover me with it?

You lie, sweet in my stomach too
Like an aroma in my nose
Like an untuned song
I too lie
And why not? Why is it that I have
Sad answers to you? Or questions too.

I was lost last night
And I walked after the wake
I walked and it took me four times as long
I was raped by a pack of wolves
I did feel it deep
It didn't hurt so much
But I wanted to lie
I wanted to stay on the grass and maybe wanted you to come too
And I saw those two lovers kiss
And I felt that maybe they are liars too
Like me
Like I want to be, lying with you.

I will be alone in the desert of my thoughts
In the shadows of my eyes
I see you too
Waiting like he said
'For the second hand'
For my hand perhaps.