Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Just Breathe Differently

I breathe differently
Apparently unrecognizably
to others but I feel it
I feel the narrowness of my pecho, my chest
caves into a box of sand, filled with jewels
And little crystals cut out the air that mingles
with the future of my body's spirit
But still my body's vibrancy lives though
among the little ghostly water drops from
that rock that longs so much to be touched

And like me It feels the need to say:
"I breathe differently" from the mounted
fairies that loom in the cave of my deceased
shell, my empty bucketed thoughts
my empty pushed out tears landing in the sea
of the unknown...

but I breathe differently- And although it was I
I have chosen to lift a mountain
I feel lighter now... The mountain must
give life unlike empty boxes or
puffed filled balloons

The breath isn't so much encased
not really, it appears that the reason I breathe
differently it is because I have decided to
surround myself with possibilities that
at times carry me through deserted territories
and in building new pathways
I find that I am not alone,
I just breathe a little differently. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Clowns Are Not Welcomed Here

I have something to say but then
I can't stand the parades of clowns walking into my head
They wear these suits and walk around with titles on their faces
They never pick up a toolbox to build
never ever give a hand but find just
Sheer embroidery coming from the inside and outside of their heads

Even I can’t be fooled
While the clowns are gnawing at me
Making noise to re-disturb the patience I’ve cultivated
The strength I was born with
Has been played on
Has been fucked with
But I can’t really be fooled

I have something to say but then
I can’t stand up now with you around me
Because your smell has made this home
An abandoned warehouse with paint buckets spillings
You'd think that clowns would be a little more “together”
But here they are with
Another place to sleep… you think

But Even I can’t be fooled
Even I in this state that I’m in
It’s over, because the earth has thrown me into this alone
It has spanked me with its wretched hands
And I have learned my lesson

Having a weight on my shoulders can be a drag
So I will put you down
And keep you away from my flying spirit
Because it’s time to party
Clowns are not welcomed here. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Never Empty

There is but a start to a feeling and then
It leaves your body only to return
So you can feel it…
Because without a stop there isn’t a go
There is a beginning-
There is but a start
And in renewing; life becomes adventure
Life is a venture into the wild
And why know tomorrow when today is bare
And this moment, still here, hasn’t even left you
You are never empty; you just don’t want to be full
Because… it is the act of filling that makes life worth living
The doing
The being
The living
The beginning to the beginning
Of feeling – eternal newness into how the word began
Deep in you, a start to what life was always meant to be:
Never Empty.