Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nightmares Lived.

I was walking "desertedly"...

When the life of all my dreams
became a nightmare
and the darkness like
painful stings-
blood dripped on sandy winds
and the face of god was created

I wonder how much of that is real
in my dream
Nightmares happen

They never cease...
They exist in deeper wants.

Sediments that left the belly
of a hungry bum
thirsty and hopeless
He walks toward the face of god

He sits... and waits

And when both the sands of time and
the blood faces this man and I, this woman
(passing the hardness of my breasts)
I am wet again-
when the tears worn exist
in all the doubts and all the worries of ...
the could have beens

His sad face I remember
and I'm worn out by the heavyness
of his yearn
and I'm tired of my self
like mother is tired of her self

Blood runs deeper than water
runs colder than the horrors
of my wishful soul
and the dreams once again
turn into nightmares
Nightmares lived

...and I now I sit and wait.