Monday, August 10, 2015

...leave me here.

think I'm just going to let you go. I did already but either you or something of you is holding me. Fucking magnet. You penetrate me only so that I sacrifice a pint of blood for you
And it's sad like truly heart-breaking 
Can you really put a piece of shattered glass together? Possibly in an illusion of some kind of story line and 
It's because walls appear to disappear. I waste my imagination on you
I waste the very excitement of a rainbow on you. 
I waste my tears and I tear sure 
Don't cry to waste water like in a desert I feel 
the dryness 
And it's ok. 
I am strong. I walk it quite a lot 
A Thin line on a half moon
Thin biscuit on a circuit
I cut myself from static noise and I run into it
I cut my self and walk right into it 
And then i wonder what hit me 
What can I be drinking 
If illusion were some type of drink I would not pay for it
I would sacrifice the very thing I would 
And like a child of nature I would return 
Like a child of naked Angels I would embrace it.
Because nothing matters 
At least not enough to lose this sleep on. 
And so I let you go like a wilted flower
Amidst a sunless earth I will embrace 
The very leaves that leave me 

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