Thursday, April 18, 2013

Purple Rain

I purpled myself in your eyes
and you used to save me
you made sure
My eyes
had clarity
and now they lie
lie to you like they lie to me
like purple rain

I am like you
we play with each other's strings
like an old shoe hanging from a post
I hang
Hinged by some mystery promise
a phantom has me down on my knees
and sometimes I feel the tip of your heel
on my cheeks
my face painted to the ground
like purple rain I lie

And I let you hold me
I let you hold me just enough
for me to believe
that I am sure I know what I want
and I know what you want
a bell to ring
that's it, like a porter or a host
to carry your deceits
to carry your unborn children
into a desolate place and then
I get bored with you and
I don't care but when I see you
I am blinded once more
And I refuse to leave
and like a spoiled child
I scream, and I tear up
Oh purple rain

Your colors give me hope
but what need I hope for?
I see you. Lying to me, you
lie to your mother
I see you take my papers and burning them
You think I don't see you, I see
you... with scissors too and that brush
I keep wetting to paint my face
has to dry one day
How can I cry old tears
and be bare to some ghost?
Be that cup amidst the dessert
hoping for rain
and now I look up and I see
you falling into my eyes
becoming purple to me
my eyes have turned into cups
and oh! I purpled myself
...your eyes are not here.
Oh purple rain I lie.

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